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Interviews – first impressions.

Companies, the time to recruit properly is now. Job seekers, the time to find your dream job, is now. Whatever your side of the employment wheel, let’s get it turning in your favour. You could be a large or small organisation, an experienced staff member or a graduate straight out of university – either way there are resources for you on The Interviewer.

For companies and recruiters: Hiring used to be a phone and interview deal with headhunters a rare breed. Nowadays, online recruitment sees people moving jobs through recruiters they have never met or spoken to, and headhunting is becoming the only version of recruiting that companies don’t complain paying for. Companies are often finding skills themselves with online job listings and ATS (applicant tracking systems) easing the recruitment process.

For job seekers: Searching for jobs has never been easier with the advent of the Internet and numerous online job portals. Job tenure is no longer as important as the skills that match a firm’s shorter term needs, with managers more interested in attitude and culture fit than ever before.

Whatever your angle in the employment game, this website has something for you. Learn about how to recruit great skills, how to navigate interviews and the entire hiring process, and search for jobs that match your skills.

Get a job, find a candidate, enjoy the website!