Searching for jobs online

Searching for jobs online is easy – set your searches up to work for you.

Searching for jobs online

Searching for jobs in South Africa can be more painstaking for some than it is for others, needless to say, many potential companies usually seek professionals who are seasoned or have adequate experience for the job being applied for. So how can you go about your job hunt?

There are several online job portals and media that can be used in your ventures of finding that ideal job, it includes but is not limited to the following:

Newspaper job searches

The South African newspapers such as the Cape Times (with the Career Times supplement) and the Atlantic Sun, as well as The People’s Post and some other local publications, advertise job listings within their classified sections. They cost money to purchase and you may not be interested in all the printed articles that they contain, but you will have the details of the job at hand and no need for a computer or an internet connection. However, many types of jobs are never found in newspapers, such as programmers or digital vacancies.

Searching online for your next job

Searching for jobs in South Africa offers a variety of online portals and means of obtaining a job. Some common online job portals include Gumtree, Indeed, Careers24, Adzuna, CareerJunction, Neuvoo and PNet just to name a few. Since the internet makes searching for work so much easier than having to go to every possible establishment you may be interested in working for and manually dropping off your CV, you can use the internet’s flexibility to help widen your search.

How does one search for a job online?

You can make your online job search simpler by utilising these few quick tips:
• Narrow down your search to your skilled niche – instead of opening the door wider selection of jobs; why not make your search exclusive to skills you’ve already acquired. This will also give you an upper hand in the competition to land the job in question.
• Let them find you – Utilising an online job portal’s facility to upload your CV or résumé can work to your advantage. Some databases will automatically source résumés already uploaded into the system for a possible match. However, care needs to be taken so that your identity is secure and thus it is advised not to leave information such as your ID number or other sensitive information that could lead to identity theft.
• Get alerts – Make use of features that offer job alerts via email so that you remain ahead of your hunt with the latest openings related to your job search.

What are the advantages of online job searches?

• Convenience
• Saves money
• User friendly portals online
• Easy to email CV or make contact with the recruitment agency

What are the cons of searching for your ideal job online?

As with nearly everything in life we experience a balance of good and bad / pros and cons, with that said, just as there are advantages for searching for a job online there are also disadvantages.
• Not all available jobs are advertised online, some are word-of-mouth or in-house openings
• You have to compete with lots more potential applicants for the same job
• Some jobs can be scams