Working with recruiters

Working with recruiters – the more you give, the more you get.

Start working with recruiters

If you’re looking to build up your “dream team” of staff members in the workplace then choosing the right candidates for the job is of crucial importance. Some employers don’t have the time to physically source from the recruitment pool. Due to the fact that there is so much skill that goes into finding the right staff member for your long term goals, working with recruiters can prove to be very beneficial.

What goes into a recruitment process?

There are 3 major steps to finding the suitable candidates, namely:
• Recruitment
• Selection
• Placement

Recruiters in South Africa may use the following to determine certain factors in the possible candidate:
• Personality test – The personality test will help establish how self-disciplined the individual is, whether or not they pay attention to detail and interpretation skills
• Ability test – These tests are often used in interviews for a job with a hands-on approach as it will test hand and eye coordination as well as physical fitness
• IQ test – An IQ test may be performed to establish skills and sometimes a candidate’s intelligence
• Criterion – In this test the recruiter will be able to determine how soon and how accurately a candidate is able to finish set tasks as well as their punctuality in the work place

What makes a recruiter exceptional?

Recruiters are unique individuals because they bear exceptional “people skills”. These will include having the ability to be a good listener which is important for being able to establish what the employer needs to see in the employee and with that information get the perfect match. Confidence also plays an important role as this will be able to showcase how certain you are with being able to deliver as well as in your own skills. The recruiter must have a good knowledge of the industry and market as this is vital in order to promote the candidates they have within their data basis. Being able to build lasting relationships with the employer and with candidates is a good skill set as well as having excellent communication skills.

Time management is a crucial skill and the ability to multitask whilst you recruit. Some employers may require new candidates urgently and this is where time is valuable. The ability to read body language is a skill that all good recruiters in South Africa ought to possess as this will give insight to being able to read their candidates without directly asking a question or them having to tell you.

Final words

Lastly what also makes up the characters and skills set of a good recruiter is their ability to work well with other people as part of a team, being able to solve problems and being reliable.