How to recruit staff

How to recruit staff is a skill every manager needs to hone.

Essential for your business: How to recruit top skills

Every business is different, everyone will require different skills and experience from their employees based on the industry and job title. As an employer looking to fill a position in your business, you’ll need to consider a few aspects in order to find your ideal candidate and the following information is to give you an idea of how to recruit in South Africa.

What to consider before hiring your employees

Before commencing the hiring process, as an employer you have to be sure where you see your business, and what your employees can do for you to make your business better:
• What are your business trading/consultation hours? – How long would you need your employees to work per week/month?
• How much will it cost you to employ another staff member? – When hiring new staff you have to consider what it will cost the company to pay the employee’s wages/salaries and how will this impact the profit and cash flow of your business. Are more sales to be made and will this being harder to accomplish each month?
• Can you afford extra benefits? – What will it cost the business to extend benefits such as medical aid or incentives? This is another factor that may rely on the monthly income of the business.
• Management and training – How long will it take to train the prospective employee and how much will it cost?

Tips for recruitment

Everyone wants to get the best candidate match to join their team, so here’s how to recruit in South Africa and get some of the best staff:
• Decide what job placement is required – The potential candidate to fill the job needs to meet specific requirements in the job and by establishing what you’d like to see be accomplished by a potential employee can help you narrow your search to a specific skill set for instance.
• Keep an eye open to potential – To scout for the best, one should start with implementing possibilities based on the individuals you may come across that you know could be job hunting and could possess the qualities you’re looking to see on your team. In a nutshell grabbing an opportunity when it comes your way to find the candidate. For example in an industry that deals with the public, a customer may point out who provided the best customer assistance.
• Act quickly – If you have found the ideal candidate, then make sure that you take the liberty of getting the ball rolling by seeing if their references checks out and if they have what it takes to be part of your team. You should also check their education credentials and whether or not they are able to do well in the workplace designated.

This is a brief introduction and this page will be updated in due course. The main points to remember when recruiting are to keep your goal in mind (what need do you want this person to fulfil) and not to hire out of desperation, not matter how much you may need to fill the gap.