Recruitment in South Africa

Recruitment in South Africa has a few extra twists and turns.

Recruitment in South Africa

Recruitment in South Africa is a process that follows a set layout tailored to the establishment. Companies tend to hire human resources teams to attend to locate talent, yet these HR departments mostly end up managing the interview and hiring processes while the recruiters

The recruiters are generally professional, however unfortunately often not experienced and few bear skills such as being able to work out what an individual is saying by simply observing their body language. The rare recruiters that are extremely skilled at communications, marketing, time management and the ability to solve problems efficiently, are highly sought after themselves.

Over and above the challenge in finding skills, South Africa also has historic and country-specific factors involved in recruiting new staff members.

Employment Equity

South African businesses, especially large enterprises are by law, required to employment Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) in order to give previously disadvantaged South African citizens a better opportunity. With that in mind, the recruitment in South Africa process has to follow the BEE process. Recruitment organisations specialised in BEE will source suitable candidates that are skilled and well suited to the job and industry that they’re applying to.

What other aspects revolve around recruitment in South Africa?

• Challenges – When sourcing for suitable candidates within a recruitment pool, there is often lots of competition which makes decisions a bit harder, as well as compensation that are sometimes a case of being qualified and the company not being able to afford the skills of the individual.
• Resources – Many employees will make use of in-house hiring/staffing, whilst others would turn to a recruitment agency.
• Determination of success – In some cases employers will measure how well the company will do with the new hire based on how well they perform, drive sales, customer services etc.

Background checks

When recruiting you should also see to it that a few items can be checked off the check box before accepting the new candidate such as doing a thorough screening of potential candidates. The character and behaviour of an employee can have either a negative or positive outcome on the business so ensuring that you’ve investigated all avenues, is very important.

Employers can source an agency to do a check on the employee (criminal background check) instead of riskily hiring the right candidate, based on misinformation. Some companies request that the potential candidates furnish them with an official documentation that states whether or not they have a clean criminal record or not. The employer must also do an ID number check as well as a finger print check; however, a finger print check is much more expensive but when in doubt, it’s a good investment. Fingerprint checks are also a sure way of knowing whether or not the person is the owner of the ID book because identity theft and fraud is a reality in South Africa. Other checks also include a credit check, driver’s licence checks and reference checks.

Choose your recruiters carefully

All in all, there are many great talent finders in South Africa with exceptional track records and skills. Yet, due to competition and the rarity of certain skills, many recruitment “professionals” have unfortunately given the industry a poor name by cutting corners. Make sure that when you hire a recruiter, that you meet them and work closely together. By doing so, if they match what you perceive to be excellence, you can partner with them more deeply and make them an extension to your team.