Job aggregators in South Africa

Job aggregators in South Africa list every online job and make searching easier.

Job aggregators

More and more job searches are revolving around technology that creates ease of use with an aggregator. There are several job aggregators in South Africa and in this article we will talk a bit about what the aggregator is, how to use them and what are the benefits of using them.

What is a job aggregator?

Job aggregators are a one-stop job search portal that includes all the online jobs for a specific country on one website. What a job aggregator does is collect job adverts from multiple websites and display them all on one platform. In this way job seekers can easily scour multiple job openings without having to “hop” to various websites. However, aggregators will have links to the actual web portal hosting the job advert, where candidates will still have to apply.

How are job aggregators in South Africa used?

For the job seeker, aggregators are easy to use. They are user friendly and allow you to find job openings from a wide variety of industries. Many aggregators allow the job searchers to be able to upload their résumé or CV online which will allow them a better chance of being noticed amongst the other potential job seekers.

Résumés can be stored into the aggregator’s databases, just like on job boards. Depending on the interface of the aggregator, recruiters will be able to search résumés via location, skills set, and more, with a fair display of possible candidates. However, job aggregators do have their limitations and this depends on their “make up” and abilities such as their search algorithms and interfaces, so some may have a different outcome and you may not be able to search via specific prompts. Some of them, on the other hand, have fantastic statistics on locations and careers in your country, making them a valuable source of data.

Benefits of using job aggregators in South Africa

• Recruiters can get their job adverts more exposure via pay-per-click campaigns
• Aggregators can give a wider selection of possible candidates than what it could take to manually source these individuals
• Job aggregators save time and less effort to find the potential job vacancies
• Aggregators have the latest information stored on their pages as these are updated automatically, which gives job seekers extra sources for their search.
• Job seekers can search a wider pool of job openings easily and from the comfort of their own home
• Aggregators can be equipped with online support and frequent announcements of similar jobs to your job search.

Job aggregators in South Africa are used all the time by many people and they simply make job hunting a little bit easier.

Here are some of South Africa’s largest job aggregators:
Adzuna (I work for this company)